Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fantasy Picks

Here are some of my fantasy picks:


Who to draft:Johan Santana,Mets
The only reason Santana wasn't great was because of a weak bullpen. Now with J.J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez he will get much needed help.

Who not to draft:Kelvim Escobar,Angels
Escobar may not be healthy plus he has a history of injuries.

Who to draft:Josh Hamilton, Rangers
Hamilton had a break out year last year and he'll continue that in '09. Hamilton is a steal in the later rounds.

Who not to draft:Nate McClouth, Pirates
Although McClouth had a great start to '08 he isn't a full time starter with the Pirates. Plus McClouth has no help from the weak Pirate lineup.

Who to draft:Ian Kinsler, Rangers
Kinsler can field, hit and play great ball. Again, he'll be a steal in the later rounds just like Josh Hamilton.

Who not to draft:Jason Bartlett, Rays
Bartlett is a decent hitter but this weak spot is his many errors. That many errors will effect his confidence and it will hurt his hitting.

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